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17 Best SF Wedding Photographers of 2021 To Capture Your Special Day

Last Updated January 18, 2022

The vendors you select for wedding flowers, catered food, musicians and yes ... even your dress really only have to stand the test of a single day. Your wedding photographer is different. The images that your photographer or videographer captures must capture every tender moment — be it a first look, a moment between the bride and her father, or a dance with the groom and his mother. These moments can last for the rest of your life if you pick an event photographer with "the eye."

Wedding photographers have differing mindsets when it comes to preserving events. Some are experts at staged photos, whereas others take a photojournalistic approach. Some specialize in smaller venues or courthouse nuptials, whereas others bring in a team of skilled photographers to capture your large wedding ceramony. What is "best" really comes down to what is "best for you." You have to figure out what style and feel makes the most sense for you and your ceramony. Going through the portfolios of the photographers below will allow you to match the perfect approach and aesthetic to your needs. Why is this list free to read?

The Full List of SF Wedding Photographers

Top Featured SF Wedding Photographers

Tanarak Photography

Finding a wedding photographer can be one of the more difficult chores on your long list of things to schedule and plan for your wedding. Tanarak is well-known for his helpfulness and patience during the search and interview process. Tanarak provides advice and is even prepared to trek across dangerous terrain to acquire the perfect angle at the ideal moment. He knows how to prepare for the exact time of day to capture the optimal amount of sunlight. Tanarak's easygoing attitude instantly puts his clients at ease, and they have a lot of fun as a result. Tanarak's approach is photojournalistic-aesthetic, with little posing instructions and a focus on stunning unscripted situations.

#1 of 17 SF Wedding Photographers

A Tale Ahead Photography

A Tale Ahead is a photography duo that recognizes the value of capturing those particular moments on your wedding day. Annie and David, a husband and wife team, are passionate about the art of expressing stories with a single click. Annie fell in love with photography at a young age, when the expense of photo developing was prohibitively expensive, which she admits irritated her parents at least a bit! David, on the other hand, not only has a gift for photography, but he has also launched a photography software, CameraSharp, in order to promote his enthusiasm and indulge in his nerdy technical side. If you're organizing a wedding in San Francisco and need a wedding photographer you can rely on, these two will not only impress but also catch the twinkle in your eye.

#2 of 17 Leading Wedding Photography Services

Apollo Fotografie

Andra Blythe and Liv are wedding photographers who specialize in artistic, journalistic-style photography. They manage a team of wedding photographers in San Francisco as the owners of Apollo Fotografie. Because she is a member of the LGBTQ community, photographer Kate has an added sense for LGBTQ weddings. Wedding photographer Abbie will most likely arrive on a motorcycle. Eliza's objective is to make you smile every time you look at your wedding images. Carrie's résumé includes a number of wedding images that have been published. The staff at Apollo Fotografie can also produce wedding videos.

#3 of 17 Top-Notch Wedding Photography in San Francisco


IQphoto is run by Josef Kohn, who is motivated by personal connections. He specializes in giving couples the freedom to be themselves while capturing natural moments rather than following a script. Josef is an expert at working with complicated timelines and less-than-ideal lighting conditions. Josef is available for destination weddings, though most of his work is in the San Francisco Bay region, including major multi-day ethnic wedding celebrations. He's also one of the top wedding event photographers in San Francisco for city hall weddings, when time limits can put other photographers' skills to the test.

#4 of 17 Top Wedding Photographers in SF

Choco Studio

Choco Studio offers wedding photography services in San Francisco that you can trust. They specialize in capturing authentic emotions and brilliant poses that will stand the test of time. They are not new to this by any means; they have been a part of over three hundred weddings since 2005. With a team of four photographers, you can hire not only a well-trained photographer, but also someone with similar interests to stand by you on your wedding day. Furthermore, they believe in having your wedding your way and provide stunning photographs for traditional, courthouse, and anything in between weddings.

#5 of 17 Leading SF Wedding Event Photographers

Russ Levi Photography

Russ Levi Photography is experienced in taking creative, elegant, and breathtaking photos for married couples to keep and cherish forever. Russ Levi understands and appreciates the importance of capturing the most special moments in our lives. Russ Levi has captured over 400 weddings since he began working as a wedding photographer. He's also experienced in doing engagement sessions, portraits, headshots, family sessions, corporate events, and fine art prints. You can usually find him in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, and almost all of California. Weddings are all about the bride and groom, and Russ Levi values that. His priority is to make sure the newlyweds have the time of their lives while he provides the memories. He knows how to keep a distance, not be a distraction, and how to take epic photos.

#6 of 17 Top-Notch Wedding Photography Services

Eichar Photography

Eichar Photography is a husband and wife team specializing in unique wedding photography and videography. Lauren and Jamie have become one of the best wedding photographers in the SF Bay Area, with over nine years of expertise documenting marriages. They are experts at photographing Indian weddings. Eichar Photography will travel anywhere in the country, as well as worldwide, to photograph your destination wedding, in addition to recording weddings and engagements. Simply provide the date, and they will work out the details and pricing. Lauren and Jamie schedule a limited number of weddings each year in order to provide their clients with the care and attention they deserve. Packages for engagements start at $700. Wedding photography starts at $4,800 for elopement packages and $3,200 for wedding photos.

#7 of 17 Best Wedding Photography in San Francisco

Eli Zaturanski Photography

A photographer's hobbies and experiences have a significant impact on their work. Eli Zaturanski Photography expresses Eli's desire to tour the world via his vibrant photographs. Eli's images stand out from other SF wedding event photographers because of his excitement for new travels and his passion of meeting new people. Whether you're looking at headshots, weddings, events, or dating images, Eli Zaturanski Photography is known for its vibrant colors and attention on people rather than backgrounds.

#8 of 17 Leading Wedding Photography Services

Hazel Photo

Hazel Photo provides stunning wedding photography that captures all of the crucial moments of your big day. Whether you prefer posing for your photos or capturing a few casual shots of the day, Hazel Photo can generate photos that will turn into works of art for you and your loved ones. Paul Gargagliano, a professional photographer, named the company after the street where he met his true love and wanted his business to mirror the dreaminess that many customers desire to feel when looking at their wedding images.

#9 of 17 Top-Notch Wedding Photography in San Francisco

Kindlewood Films

Kindlewood Films can help those who want to capture a wedding through photography or videography. Several long-time filmmakers and photographers who have been shooting professionally since 2012 make up the team. The company takes the concept of a regular wedding photographer and adds a video element to capture the memorable day. This can be from a traditional videography standpoint or from a more artistic standpoint, such as cinematic presentations, music videos, slo-mo videos, and more. They also have live streaming capabilities. For each occasion, Kindlewood Films employs multiple wedding photographers. This allows them to shoot multiple viewpoints of the vows or simultaneous events like the bride and groom getting ready. They provide speedy and dependable services in the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay areas.

#10 of 17 Top Wedding Photographers in SF

Christina McNeill Photography

Destination wedding photographer Christina McNeill, one of the top wedding photographers in SF, captures beautiful and unique angles with an intimate appeal. Straying from the typical poses and positions, photographs from Christina McNeill Photography make you feel like you're witnessing a special moment you can't duplicate. Christina's love of photography was born from her childhood experiences where her photographer grandpa documented her and her childhood. A BFA in Photography from the Academy of Art in San Francisco built McNeill's professional expertise. Her experience also came from being a photo editor for various magazines, a studio manager, and her job as a creative director for the wedding blog Snippet & Ink. A resident of San Francisco, Christina enjoys life with her husband and her dogs.

#11 of 17 Leading SF Wedding Event Photographers

Red Eye Collection

Red Eye Collection is a San Francisco-based family and wedding photographic firm. Using San Francisco as a background, the agency concentrates on creating outstanding wedding pictures. Understanding the overall picture, as well as capturing specific moments in front of City Hall and other distinctive structures and places, results in photographs that are nothing short of stunning. Photographers utilize modern photographic technology to bring out the softness in an image. Finding the ideal backdrop is what distinguishes Red Eye Collection, SF wedding event photographers, from the competition. Natural backgrounds, one-of-a-kind structures, and various site types all contribute to telling the couple's one-of-a-kind narrative. There are also micro-wedding alternatives accessible during Covid. Photographers are tested on a weekly basis to ensure your safety.

#12 of 17 Top-Notch Wedding Photography Services

Nightingale Photography

Nightingale Photography is a leading photography business in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. The business is run by its founder and owner Christina Hernandez. This photography business focuses on providing wedding photography services as well as providing photographs of engagements. During the past two decades, Christina has established a large clientele of satisfied individuals and couples. Today, Nightingale Photography provides photos for those who are looking to attend a wedding, hold a wedding and those who are looking to get wedding photographs of others. The business offers consultations, flexible scheduling and affordable fees. Nightingale has established a track record of one of the Bay Area’s top photographers with a number of positive reviews that demonstrate the high quality services the business offers to its clients.

#13 of 17 Best Wedding Photography in San Francisco

Grier Cooper Photography

Grier Cooper Photography is a popular choice among San Francisco area couples since it includes key components such as gluten-free wedding cakes and 'first dance' instruction in its wedding photography packages. Grier Cooper Photography can provide couples with the information they need to have the smoothest, most memorable ceremony possible even before the big day. It is simply part of their work to share their knowledge, and they encourage everyone to ask questions, which is a key component of the studio. They feel that the best memories are made when they are photographed with care.

#14 of 17 Leading Wedding Photography Services

Chloe Jackman Photography

Chloe Jackman, the eclectic owner of Chloe Jackman photography, is as enthusiastic about the environment as she is about capturing priceless moments with a camera as a medium. Whether on site or in the studio, this team promotes ethical apparel companies, yoga and fitness social media stars, fantasy wedding ceremonies, and milestone family events that need to be immortalized by an experienced professional. Chloe is one of the most innovative wedding photographers in San Francisco; her huge portfolio says volumes, and her honesty is like a breath of fresh air.

#15 of 17 Top-Notch Wedding Photography in San Francisco

Slava Blazer Photography

Premier, professional headshot and event photographer Slava Blazer runs a trusted, multifaceted studio serving veried clients throughout Northern California. Though they also help tech businesses to create headshots for professional websites, real estate agents to better market homes for sale, and families capture cherished moments for holiday cards, Slava Blazer has made a name for itself as one of the top SF wedding event photographers. On your special day, they will ensure that every key moment is saved for you to revisit in years to come. Angles that capture the emotion of the day are what sets Slava apart.

#16 of 17 Top Wedding Photographers in SF

Loic Nicolas Photography

For wedding photography services, San Francisco couples looking to tie the knot approach Loic Nicolas Photography, the artistic outfit overseen by agile and inventive Loic Nicolas. The longstanding creative knows how to capture an engagement without disrupting the important event. What's best is that Loic Nicolas is an independent artist in every sense of the phrase so clients never have to worry about too much flash or peripheral activity happening during shots. Everything from pre-ceremonial action to the ceremony to the reception is captured in all of its glory.

#17 of 17 Leading SF Wedding Event Photographers

Daniller Photography

Few artists can boast of being able to photograph weddings in the Austrian Alps, but wedding photographer Lydia of Daniller Photography has done just that. When she shoots, she uses a humorous, documentary style, which makes working with Daniller Photography exciting and unexpected. The end result is the consequence of chance plus a little monitoring. Lydia has a proven track record of employing bright, dazzling, high-quality images to express messages based on emphasis and symbolism to create an endearing story.


The service providers listed above are those that SFist feels are extremely skilled and provide exceptional services. The term "best" in the above article about the "Best Wedding Photographers in SF" is purely subjective opinion, and it does not necessarily represent user reviews, nor is it a declaration of fact. They are, in some circumstances, the largest firms in their industry in their respective region. In certain situations, variable listing or sponsorship fees affect the firms' ranking positions, although all may be regarded good service providers among the Best Wedding Photographers in SF. More information on SFist's classified postings may be found here.

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17 Best SF Wedding Photographers of 2021 To Capture Your Special Day
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