San Francisco’s Central Freeway ramp that connects the westbound portion of I-80 and the northbound lanes of Highway 101 closed this weekend for guard rail repairs — causing massive traffic delays. But on Sunday, repairs were wrapped up 24 hours ahead of schedule, allowing for the ramp to reopen and ease traffic.

The Central Freeway ramp commonly sees more than 2,000 cars pass over it every hour during peak times, which includes weekends as well. After a semi-truck collided with a guardrail last October, it was only a matter of time before repairs needed to be made. However, as reported by ABC7, those fixes were done much faster than expected — allowing Caltrans to reopen the heavily trafficked on-ramp early Sunday morning.

The 7th Street on-ramp in San Francisco had also closed to help reduce traffic, but all other ramps connecting to highways I-80 and 101 remained open during the repair.

You can find live camera feeds from Caltrans that show current traffic conditions across the Bay Area, here.

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Photo: Courtesey of Twitter via Caltrans