Some early season rain is still expected to come down in Northern California tonight and into early tomorrow — which will help fire crews contain wildfires. However, don't expect much precipitation here in the Bay Area.

This week's most hyped regional weather event hasn't, thankfully, lost much steam as it's moved into Northern California from Washington and Oregon. Though models from the National Weather Service do show the storm already producing light drizzles in parts of NorCal, it'll be a mostly dry affair for the Bay Area. At most, this storm could bring the area some light rainstorms Sunday.

"It's going to be more drizzle to scattered light rain," explained ABC7 Meteorologist Mike Nicco. "The drizzle will be mainly in the morning on both Saturday and Sunday. The scattered light rain will mainly be after dark Sunday night through Sunday morning."

The most significant rainfall will fall elsewhere in the region—which, at most, is expected to be about 0.20 inches in the North Bay valleys, with up to 0.30 inches along with the coastal hill areas — but San Francisco might still see some rain droplets fall.

We'd rather see water droplets fall than... well, clusters of ash.

With the Dixie now nearing 90% containment, this rainstorm could well help on-site fire crews completely contain what’s left of the baze.

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Photo: Getty Images/Sundry Photography