This afternoon, it reached 84 degrees Fahrenheit in San Francisco — making Saturday the city’s single-hottest day recorded this year, thus far.

If you're uncomfortably sweating inside your AC-less domicile, clinging onto ice cube trays like first-born children, trust us that you're not alone. Because earlier today, the mostly cloud-free weather outside gave way to the warmest day we've experienced in 2021... as of now.

ABC7 meteorologist Drew Tuma tweeted about the update at 11:50 a.m. today when the temperature was observed.

"At 84° it’s officially the hottest day so far this year in San Francisco," Tuma tweeted. At this moment, it's actually around 86 degrees Fahrenheit at SFO.

Similar hot-as-hell temperatures are occurring elsewhere in the city. This weekend is seeing the first major Bay Area-wide heat wave of the year — leaving inland parts of the East Bay and San Jose observing temperatures in the upper 90s. Livermore's already experiencing triple-digit heat; it was over 103 degrees Fahrenheit Saturday afternoon in the city.

This heat wave comes during a Spare the Air Alert issued by the Bay Area Air Quality Manamdiet District (BAAQMD), as well. The outside heat — which stagnates and traps emitted pollutants, often resulting in increases in surface ozone —is only exacerbating the declining air quality. (And... then there's the climate crisis thing, too.)

As hot as it is outside in SF today, it pales in comparison to the city's all-time high of 103 degrees Fahrenheit. occurred on both June 14, 2000, and July 17, 1988.

Respite, thankfully, is on the horizon; temperatures are expected to start dipping by later this evening, eventually falling back into the mid-70s for Sunday. But those 90-degree temperatures aren’t expected to let up for parts of the East Bay and San Jose until early next week.

Drink your water today, and may the odds forever be in your favor trying to find a shaded patch of grass at Dolores Park.

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Image: Getty Images/FrankvandenBergh