If in-person shopping for produce at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market sounds too exhausting, there’s a good chance you can now order those same groceries online — and have them delivered straight to your door (for a nominal fee).

The pandemic’s revealed a lot about our buying habits, highlighting how we’re willing to pay a bit more for convenience. Falling in line with that thinking, the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market recently launched its home delivery program which will serve all of the Bay Area's nine counties.

Starting this week, customers can peruse the fifteen vendors currently displayed on the nonprofit’s online portal and shop their goods — ranging from organic herbs and stone fruits to locally sourced honey and fresh flower arrangements.

The process, as well, couldn’t be more simple: Type in your zip code and get to searching the partnered businesses (that is, if the farmers market delivers to your home address... which it most likely does).

The nonprofit group CUESA (the Center for Urban Education About Sustainable Agriculture) operates the market; it had developed “market boxes” for curbside pickup earlier in the pandemic, helping both customers safely acquire their grocers while bringing business to the market’s waning foot traffic. Now in an effort to further boost sales — despite things shoring up around the city, ABC7 has noted the farmers market is still struggling to attract patrons — CUESA is launching Ferry Plaza Farmers Market Delivered.

Delivery of all groceries will be handled by The FruitGuys, another family-run business, and will service all 9 Bay Area counties for a $10 delivery fee. Better yet, there's no minimum order.

For more information on Ferry Plaza Farmers Market Delivered, including the selections from over a dozen partnered local businesses, visit ferryplazafarmersmarketdelivered.com. (Also: Don’t forget to use the promo code “CUESAFRIEND” at checkout to save 10% on your order.)

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Image: Twitter via @CUESA