Hundreds marched in Oakland Friday night to denounce the police killing of Daunte wright. The mostly peaceful demonstration saw protesters walk through downtown Oakland yesterday evening, starting at the Oscar Grant Plaza; demonstrators were heard chanting “abolish the police" and “no justice, no peace” in response to the 20-year-old who was killed by Minnesota police during a traffic stop. [ABC7]
The pandemic has passed yet another dystopian milestone: claiming over three million lives. Johns Hopkins University estimates that the number of people who’ve died from the novel disease mirrors the population of Chicago — a city made up by some 2.7 million people. [Associated Press]
• These relics of the 1906 earthquake, which is mostly a smattering of cottages and shacks, still exist throughout San Francisco; here’s where you can find them. [Chronicle]
• The nonprofit Economic Security Project is calling for a fourth stimulus check, which is seen as “vital” part to the recovery of the country. [KRON4]
• Speaking of historic tremors: More than 80% of the city burned down after that aforementioned 20th century earthquake — but it was far from the first time San Francisco was nearly charred off the map. [Chronicle]
• Safeguarding indigenous people and their lands is one of the most effective means of mitigating the climate crisis; the Yavarí Tapiche Indigenous Reserve — which covers 2.7 million acres of rainforest in the Peru-Brazil border and is home to Matsés, Remo, and Marubo peoples, as well as other groups that have yet to be identified — is now officially protected. [Mongabay]
• CNBC’s Millennial Money series recently featured a 33-year-old San Franciscan making over $200K — a very relatable sum of income and not at all part of the housing and gentrification problems the city is facing — to run through “how [she] spends her money.” [CNBC]
• Get out and smell the flowers today, quite literally. [The Bold Italic]

Images: Getty Images/DianeBentleyRaymond