One rambunctious labrador puppy got more than what it bargained for after it dropped off a steep cliff while playing at Fort Funston. Thankfully, SF firefighters were able to rescue the small black lab from the steep slope without injury.

Friday morning, local firefighters responded to a somewhat unusual call: A labrador puppy was in need of rescue after plummeting down a cliffside at Fort Funston. (This is the same dangerous bluff that last year saw airborne hybrid cars and father-son duos become stranded on its slopes.)

As reported by KPIX, local firefighters headed 911 calls reporting the puppy’s precarious predicament. Once they arrived, on-site first responders fastened rope lines and repelled down to reach the worried pup. Once they made contact with the canine, firefighters quickly picked it up and carried the dog toward safety.

A short video of the rescue uploaded to Twitter shows the one firefighter making the swift rescue; the dog — that has an adorable white patch on its chest — can be seen quickly ascending the embankment when its paws hit more level ground.

“We understand the excitement of being outside, and the nature of our four-legged extended family members,” firefighters wrote in a tweet. “Remember, stay on trails, consider your leash.”

The department also took this moment to both applaud the owner and onlookers for calling 911 instead of trying to rescue the dog themselves — “we (want) you all to have a pawfect time and make positive memories woof sharing."

"When necessary, and if your partner does go off a cliff, do not try to rescue yourself; call 911," the tweet continues.

No bipeds or quadrupeds were harmed during the rescue.

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Image: Twitter via @SFFDPIO