On Tuesday, Berkeley councilmembers will consider a resolution that would move toward making a sun-washed yellow, two-story duplex on Bancroft Way a historic landmark; the house, in question, was where our current vice president grew up.

As reported by NBC Bay Area and the Chronicle, the childhood home where the country's first-ever Black and Southeast Asian (and female) vice president spent her formative years — residing on the top floor of the house in the 60s and 70s — could soon become an official historic landmark. This coming Tuesday, Berkeley officials will hear a resolution that could potentially designate Harris' former domicile a local landmark. (If the resolution does pass, the landmark application would need to be both completed and approved by the city council, as well as Berkeley's Landmarks Preservation Commission.)

"Her election as the first woman, African-American and South Asian American to be elected to the second-highest position in the country are historic achievements that must be honored," said Berkeley Councilmember Kate Harrison, who authored the resolution, as to why the home should be given such a status, per NBC Bay Area.

According to the news outlet, Berkeley rules presently only allow landmark status for places where historic events occurred; the resolution — which is not tied solely to giving Harris’s childhood home a historic designation — would allow for other homes of historic Berkeley residents to qualify for landmark statuses.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons by Jim Heaphy