Oakland native and longtime fan of the Golden State Warriors Kamala Harris got an inauguration gift for her new office from the team, and today they posted a moving video about it on Twitter.

In the video, there's a young girl named Stella walking through Oakland, saying, "I’m from Oakland. I like that Kamala Harris is from Oakland too. I love that Kamala looks like me and I can do anything."

Steph Curry then presents the gift to Harris — a Warriors jersey that says Madame VP on it with the number 49, signifying that Harris is the 49th VP of the United States. As KPIX notes, this is the second jersey the team has given to Harris since the election. (Unfortunately this one is Rakuten-branded, because of whatever promotional deal the Currys have.)

"Madame Vice President I’m not saying you have to put this up in your office at the White House but it would probably be a good idea," Curry says.

"Oh, this means so much to me, you guys," Harris says in the video, receiving the framed jersey. "I will proudly, proudly display this in the office of the Vice President... you always bring such joy and pride to me, as a daughter of Oakland."

The plaque below the jersey reads, "Vice President Kamala Harris: For representing the spirit of The Town. Oakland Forever."