Former SF mayor and 87-year-old senator with a $94 million net worth Dianne Feinstein is finding ever new ways to infuriate her constituents, this time sticking up for the bogus Electoral College challenges from Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.

It is never a good thing for the senior California senator when “Feinstein” is trending on Twitter. It’s particularly bad when her name is trending alongside the names of ultraconservative wretches Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who are currently best known for pushing their MyPillow guy “Trump won in a landslide!” conspiracy theories on the Senate floor, even after that fever-swamp horseshit caused an armed ransacking of the US Capitol two weeks ago.

Most Bay Area lawmakers have no problem condemning such behavior, but not the increasingly feeble and Lindsey Graham-hugging Feinstein. The Chronicle reports that on Tuesday, Feinstein defended the obviously false electoral challenges mounted by Cruz and Hawley, despite the five deaths, a second impeachment, and Congress being forced into hiding.  

Screenshot: Twitter

“I think the Senate is a place of freedom,” Feinstein told a Capitol reporter pool Tuesday. “And people come here to speak their piece, and they do, and they provide a kind of leadership. In some cases, it’s positive, in some cases, maybe not. A lot of that depends on who’s looking and what party they are. But it’s an important place to have this kind of dialogue. It’s probably the highest-level dialogue that you get in an electoral body.”

Contrast this to, say the seven senators who’ve demanded that Cruz and Hawley be expelled from the Senate, and the three traditional-conservative Texas newspapers calling on Cruz to resign.

But surely Feinstein will take a bold, progressive stance on the upcoming second impeachment trial of Donald Trump, right? Let’s hear from the neoconservative-adjacent senator.

“I think it’s a moot question — this president is leaving office,” Feinstein told reporters. “So it won’t have any practical application. But whatever happens is fine with me.”

Keep this in mind, as Feinstein filed papers to run yet again in 2024, when she will be 91 (and 97 at the end of that full term). Keep in mind also that she has been bumped from the Senate Judiciary Committee for general ineffectiveness, that she went to bat for the Presidio Terrace bluebloods who failed to pay their taxes, and she actually said Trump “can be a good president” during the first year of his term. A Twitter search on Feinstein’s name will show all manner of pleas that she resign, but she won’t. That’s going to have to come from California voters, who have four more years of being represented by one of the more Republican-leaning Democrats in the Senate.

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Image: WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 11: U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) speaks to reporters at the U.S. Capitol on December 11, 2020 in Washington, DC. Lawmakers are facing a midnight deadline to pass a continuing resolution to avert a partial shutdown and fund the government for another week. (Photo by Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images)