• After a nightmare coronavirus scenario unfolded and someone died on a United Airlines flight, an EMT who tried to save the passenger is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. A story we brought you Friday has taken an alarming turn for the worse, in the aftermath of what was initially suspected to be a fatal heart attack on a LAX-bound flight, until the victim’s wife admitted the man had tested positive and had been showing symptoms. Now an EMT, who tried to save the victim’s life with CPR, is showing COVID-19 symptoms too. Hey people, how about maybe we lay off the airline trips for a bit, okay? [KGO]
  • Nancy Pelosi is getting dragged by both sides, as Lefties rip her for saying $600 checks are “significant,” while the right wing pushes a new theory that her vaccination was fake. The House of Representatives is currently debating the $1.4 trillion omnibus stimulus and funding bill, but Pelosi’s DSA-flank antagonists are piling on her for saying, “We wanted more, but $600 checks are significant.” Meanwhile, the nutjob right is pushing a moon-landing style conspiracy that her vaccination was fake and staged for the cameras. [USA Today]  
  • Today’s Winter solstice coincides with a once-every-800-year celestial phenomenon. The precise moment of the Winter solstice was this morning at 2:02 a.m., though the sun is going down on the shortest day of the year. But tonight will present the rare “Christmas Star” phenomenon that has not occurred since the year 1226, wherein Jupiter and Saturn are so close they’ll look as if they’re touching. [KRON4]
  • After the nauseating shot of yesterday’s playoff-contention-eliminating loss to the Cowboys, today we at least have the mild chaser that three 49ers have made the Pro Bowl (Fred Warner, Kyle Juszczyk. and Trent Williams). [NBC Sports]
  • Hey, remember that alleged Tenderloin vehicle thief whom police say stole 13 vehicles in 18 months? He is now up to 15 accused thefts in 18 months. [SFPD Tenderloin/Twitter]
  • The cultural dust is settling in the debate over who won this weekend’s epic, 20-round Too $hort vs. E-40 Hyphy Verzuz battle. [Broke-Ass Stuart]

Image: @vantheman via Unsplash