In what must be a record run, the SFPD Tenderloin unit this week arrested a suspect for his 13th vehicle theft in a mere year and a half.

A highly ratioed Wednesday afternoon tweet from the SFPD Tenderloin Twitter account is either a misfired attempt at self-congratulation, an amusing self-own, or in the most likely case, a subtweet directed at San Francisco district attorney Chesa Boudin. As seen below, the department marked the occasion of one certain suspect’s 13th vehicle theft arrest in 18 months, marking an average of one vehicle theft arrest every 41 days for this particular individual.

“Yesterday we booked a prolific vehicle/motorcycle thief after TL cops spotted him on this motorcycle near Hyde/GG,” SFPD Tenderloin tweeted, noting that this motorcycle had previously been reported stolen. “This is the suspect's 13th arrest in our City for MV [Motor Vehicle] theft in just 18 months.”

Update: The SFPD Media Relations Unit says in a statement to SFist that "On 12/1/2020, at approximately 11:52AM, Tenderloin Station officers conducted a traffic stop on an adult male riding a motorcycle.  Through the course of their investigation, the officers determined the motorcycle was reported stolen. Officers arrested 31-year-old Eric Sheridan" for charges they descibe as vehicle theft, receiving stolen property, a license plate display violation, and possession of a controlled substance.

Again though, was the tweet a subtweet against DA Chesa Boudin, and his anti-mass incarceration philosophies? People certainly took it that way, given the tenor of the tweet’s replies and quote tweets, which are unanimously critiques of Boudin and/or the city of San Francisco itself. (That said, people who follow police department Twitter accounts may not be representative of Twitter users in general.)

And we should also note that the suspect’s alleged spree would have started in July 2019, and Boudin was not sworn in as DA until this past January. For nearly half of this period, George Gascon or Suzy Loftus were serving as district attorney.


Moreover, vehicle thefts are also down under Boudin’s tenure, according to official reported violent crime and property crime data, continuing a trend that’s been going since 2017. But if anyone can single-handedly reverse that trend, it would be this “get arrested for stealing a car every 41 days” individual.

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Image: @SFPDCentral via Twitter