Kai is a mother of two living in Oakland who's spent the pandemic volunteering at an organization that gives diapers to mothers in need. Now she's the latest recipient of "A Gift of Joy" from Steph and Ayesha Curry and Rakuten.

Kai has been volunteering with Help a Mother Out, an 11-year-old organization that began during the last financial crisis, providing diapers for low-income and homeless mothers. Organization co-founder Lisa Troung nominated Kai for the the Currys' latest charitable campaign, saying in the video below that Kai showed up to volunteer the first week of the stay-at-home order in March and has been a loyal worker ever since despite having two young boys to care for.

As KRON4 reports, Kai thought she was going to be interviewed for a documentary, but instead she found Ayesha Curry on the other end of a video call telling her that Rakuten was giving her $10,000 for childcare. She is also getting a gift certificate for Ayesha's SF restaurant International Smoke, a signed copy of Ayesha's cookbook, and a signed Warriors jersey from Steph.

"I feel really, really blessed right now," Kai says in the video, tearing up. "I just can't believe people like that are in the world and giving back with like everything that's going on right now, that people are just being good people. This is going to help a lot, and I just really feel thankful right now."

This is the fourth gift that's been part of the "Gift of Joy" program, which in recent weeks has awarded a volunteer doctor treating COVID patients, and a dedicated food bank volunteer.