A very foolish man took about a minute of video of a mountain lion that was crouched by the side of a hiking trail in Pacifica this week, and he got way too close while also calling out "kitty kitty kitty" in the big cat's direction.

Just a few weeks after a Pacifica resident shot video of a mountain lion stalking some children from his yard, we have another tale of a close encounter with one of these usually elusive beasts... in Pacifica. And this time the guy who shot the video didn't exactly keep his distance.

The shooter of the video, Jimmy Wierzba, tells KRON4 that this all happened in San Pedro Valley Park, and that he got within 10 feet of the cougar.

"This is not the norm but they seem to be seen everywhere now in this seaside town," Wierzba said, likely referring to the September video of the other daylight mountain lion sighting.

He claims that the mountain lion was more focused on some nearby deer, grazing near the trail than s/he was on human passersby.

"Once we passed [the mountain lion], keeping eye contact all the way, he got up and sauntered off," Wierzba tells KRON4. "This is becoming quite common in Pacifica neighborhoods even in daytime."

Still not understanding why saying "kitty kitty kitty" to a deadly predator was a wise move. Cell phones make people dumb.

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