Kevin Gitmed, the 35-year-old Gilroy man suspected in the Saturday night homicide of a woman in Milpitas, was found dead Wednesday night after being tracked to a hotel in Merced County.

Milpitas police say they had located Gitmed at the unnamed hotel, somewhere in Merced County, and knocked on the door of his room to demand he come out. As NBC Bay Area reports, after receiving no response, officers busted into the room and found Gitmed dead inside.

Gitmed's death is now being investigated by the Merced County Sheriff's Office.

Milpitas police officers were on the hunt for Gitmed since last weekend, and put out photos of him in the local press on Monday saying he was armed and dangerous. A $20,000 reward was also offered for information leading to Gitmed's arrest.

Gitmed was believed to have been responsible for the death of 40-year-old Causandra Inocencio, who was found suffering from a gunshot wound on October 10 in a room at the Hilton Garden Inn on Ranch Drive in Milpitas. Inocencio was a resident of San Jose, as the Mercury News reports, and she later died in the hospital.

Initial reports on the homicide suggested that Gitmed and Inocencio knew one another, and that this was not a random act.