Predicted high winds never materialized late last week or over the weekend, and firefighters were able to raise containment levels and tamp down the Glass Fire threat for much of Sonoma County. On the Napa side, Calistoga was able to breathe easy Sunday as the fire shifted east, away from town.

As of Monday morning, the Glass Fire was 30-percent contained and has burned 65,580 acres — somewhat more than the 56,000-acre Zogg Fire that broke out around the same time on September 27 in Shasta County, but still a fraction of the size of the other massive conflagrations that have burned through the state in the last seven weeks.

Most of the remaining activity in the fire is on the northern edge just east of Mount Saint Helena, in Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. The southern flank of the fire near Kenwood was no longer showing hot spots as of Monday.

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And with fire season still having weeks or months to go, barring a lot of rain, California crossed the threshold of 4 million acres burned so far this year on Sunday. It's a staggering number, and more than two times the 1.67 million-acre record set in 2018.

"I’m still trying to put words to it," says Cal Fire spokesman Scott McLean, speaking to the Chronicle. "You just can’t grasp that number."

After a tense week of Red Flag Warnings and firefighting close to densely populated areas in Sonoma County, it's been somewhat of a relief — although a bittersweet one — that the Glass Fire now seems under control. As the Press Democrat reports, it was a happy homecoming for the thousands of seniors in the Oakmont community, all of whom had to be evacuated in dramatic fashion by bus a week ago Sunday night.

87-year-old Sue Hattendorf tells the paper it was the first time in a week last night that she was getting to sleep at home and not on a camp cot, and she said, "All week all I could think of is, 'God, if I could only go home and sleep in my own bed.'"

Evacuation orders were also listed for parts of eastern Santa Rosa, Calistoga, Kenwood, and Glen Ellen, as well as the Mark West Springs Road area that was hard hit in the Tubbs Fire three years ago.

The current evacuation map, Oct. 5, via the Press Democrat

The Chronicle reports a tally of nearly 500 homes destroyed in the Glass Fire, with 252 in Napa County and 235 in Sonoma County. As of Sunday, the Press Democrat was reporting that no new homes had been destroyed over the weekend and the tally stood at 293 homes destroyed, with only half the fire zone accounted for. But 21,600 structures still remained under threat.

The growth of the fire at the northern end led to some new evacuation warnings in Lake County on Sunday.

Photo: A firefighter takes a break from battling the Glass Fire on October 01, 2020 in Calistoga, California. The fast moving Glass Incident Fire, originally called the Glass Fire, has burned 56,000 acres in Sonoma and Napa counties and has destroyed numerous wineries and structures. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)