A massive protest like the ones we saw in late May in the wake of the killing of George Floyd failed to materialize in Oakland Wednesday night following news out of Louisville that no police officers are being charged with her death. But a few hundred marched peacefully and one group briefly shut down I-580, and around 100 people also marched through the Mission in San Francisco.

Chanting "Say her name... Breonna Taylor!" and "Whose city? Our city!", several hundred people marched through the Mission District and rallied in front of the SFPD's Mission Station, but officers were blocking marchers from moving up 17th Street, as the Chronicle reports. Also, some protesters reportedly harassed some people "sipping wine" and trying to dine outdoors on Valencia Street, and marching did proceed elsewhere in the neighborhood, including down a different part of 17th Street.

KPIX reporter Joe Vasquez has footage from outside Mission Station, where someone had projected the words "Justice 4 Breonna Taylor." And at one point a maskless white dude with a backwards ballcap walks up shouting "socialism doesn't work" — or something — and he was blocked from getting any closer by some demonstrators.

In Oakland, an estimated 500 or so people gathered Wednesday evening and marched through the city. As the East Bay Times reports, they gathered first at Lake Merritt Amphitheater and then marched toward I-580, briefly blocking the on-ramp at Northgate Avenue and then moving onto the freeway itself for several minutes. The march then headed to Telegraph Avenue and a group of around 200 people remained by the time the march reached Oakland Police headquarters at 7th and Broadway around 10 p.m., per the Chronicle. Protesters remained behind barricades and there were no reported altercations with police.

51-year-old Oakland resident Sherry Congrave-Wilson told the East Bay Times that she was disappointed not to see a larger crowd coming out to protest. "I think people are kind of tired and weary,” she said. "But I think I’m just going to keep coming out."

San Jose also saw a protest and march involving 200 or so people, and at one point, a Trump flag was set ablaze atop a statue of Thomas Fuller. A group also painted "Justice 4 Breonna" in large letters in front of San Jose City hall.

Much larger demonstrations happened Wednesday in Louisville, where 127 protesters were arrested and two police officers were shot, and in New York City, where protesters filled the Williamsburg Bridge.

More demonstrations are expected Thursday, including a march across the Golden Gate Bridge organized by Vigil for Democracy.