On Wednesday, a grand jury in Kentucky indicted now-fired Louisville police detective Brett Hankison on charges of endangering Breonna Taylor’s neighbors by carelessly firing his gun during the March raid on her apartment — but no officers were charged with the killing of the slain 26-year-old.

And as The New York Times put it, "The two officers who shot Ms. Taylor were not charged."

It's no question that today's judicial decisions over the killing of Breonna Taylor have upset hundreds millions of Americans, many of whom who will now be taking to the streets to protest the verdict the ACLU says  "highlights the indifference to human life shown by everyone involved [in the shooting]." The mayor of Louisville a few hours ago announced a curfew for the city from 9 p.m. tonight until 6:30 a.m. Thursday morning, and Louisville police have already begun arresting protesters well before the curfew is set to be enacted.

You're probably furious. We definitely are.

If you'd like to responsibly channel that rage into calls for justice and to make sure we never forget Breonna Taylor's name, here's a (still incomplete) list of planned and expected Bay Area demonstrations in honor of Breonna Taylor.

*If you have any tips on additional protests happening in the name of Breonna Taylor, email [email protected].

  • Resistance SF is saying to expect large-scale protests tonight at city halls across the Bay Area. (Find updates @resitnaceSF)
  • Alameda County buildings are boarding up in anticipation of impromptu protests and unrest tonight in Oakland — so get ready for that. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf tells ABC 7 she's expecting to see people in the streets of the city and "I respect the righteous rage and grief that so many people continue to feel tragedy after tragedy." But she says the city "will not tolerate vandalism."
  • A source close to SFist says there are barriers now up in front of the Oakland Police Department to contend with the expected crowds tonight protesting at the building.
  • Vigil for Democracy is planning a car caravan to protest today’s grand jury decision across the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, and San Mateo Bridge sometime Thursday. (Find updates @vigilfordemocracy)
  • Given yesterday’s SF leg of the “March Against Death, Lies, and Fascism and For Humanity” protest in the Mission District, odds are that a demonstration for Breonna Taylor will happen tonight in the neighborhood, as  well.
  • At 5 p.m. Black Outreach San Jose and company will occupy San Jose City Hall to stand against today’s grand jury decision and call for the defunding of the police. (Find more information @black.outreach.sj)
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The verdict is out. Only one officer is being charged in the heinous murder of Breonna Taylor. Not a murder charge, but a wanton endangerment charge. 3 counts of wanton endangerment of the NEIGHBORS. None of them are being held responsible for her MURDER within her own home. We marched, we wrote letters, we wrote poems, we passed laws, we voted. They didn’t listen. This ruling is a declaration of war. Today, 9/23/20 at 5pm we will occupy San Jose City Hall indefinitely. It is up to everyone in this country to fight the power that so readily subjugates us. The police departments of the U.S. are a government funded terrorist organization. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. #blackpower #blackpride #breonnataylor #justiceforbreonnataylor #blacklivesmatter #sanjose #nojusticenopeace #gregoryjohnsonjr

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