• The SFMTA is now saying that the Muni Metro may stay shut down through the end of the year. Transit Director Julie Kirschbaum explained to the agency’s Board of Directors today that the overhead line issues are more extensive than they previously knew, and repairs may as well be done while ridership is low. [Chronicle]
  • The Napa County coroner has ID'd three of the people who died in the LNU Lightning Complex. The three were a family: 70-year-old Mary Kathryn Hintemeyer, 71-year-old Leo Thomas McDermott, and 40-year-old Thomas Leo McDermott. [KRON4]
  • SF music venues, the Moscone Center, and many other places will  be lit up red tonight as part of a #RedAlertRestart demonstration about economic suffering. [KQED]
  • Fox News snagged footage of Nancy Pelosi visiting a hair salon in Cow Hollow without a mask. [SF Weekly]
  • Daly City police are looking for a couple who purchased a bunch of stuff at Home Depot using a stolen credit card, and they have a purple-dyed dog. [CBS SF]
  • SF's 20th Century Cafe is adding a natural wine shop. [Chronicle]
  • Bears in the Tahoe area are just brazenly going into grocery stores and eating food now. [ABC7 / SFGate]
  • The Trump campaign is, hypocritically, pushing mail-in voting in Facebook ads. [New York Times]

Photo: Matt Baume