• The San Francisco Board of Education introduced a measure last night that, if passed next week, would break its relationship with the San Francisco Police Department. “It’s about redefining how we think about policing and community safety at both the school and community level,” waxed Board of Education member Alison Collins, the resolution’s lead author, per Mission Local: “We need to do things differently.” [Mission Local]
  • TikTokers and K-pop stans came together and absolutely sabotaged Trump's Tulsa rally. By reserving and requesting hundreds of thousands of tickets online — all of which were never intended to be used — Zoomers and Korean pop music fans grossly inflated crowd numbers (which neared a million), leaving Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale preparing an overflow room and additional Trump appearances to contend with the crowds; it was later confirmed by the Tulsa fire department the rally was attended by 6,200 Trumpers. [CNN / The Hill]
  • A man was filmed tearing down "Black Lives Matter" signs in Berkeley. The video recorded by the Berkeley woman shows an angry, very white man criticizing her for putting up the flyers throughout her neighborhood. [KRON4]
  • Whether it's safe to fly again or not, San Franciscans are weighing the option as summer vacation and family visit plans loom. [Chronicle]
  • The Oakland Museum of California is going to, with the permission of participating artists, archive and collect the BLM urban art that's now splayed across downtown Oakland and elsewhere in the Bay Area. [Twitter]
  • The Oakland City Council is apparently in talks to start the process of selling the Coliseum site the Oakland A’s. [Chronicle]
  • See how risky your regular quarantine activities are in regards contracting a SARVS-Covid-2 infection, according to experts. [ABC7]
  • A handful of small bushfires Saturday kept Contra Costa County firefighters busy. [KPIX]
  • Happy Father's Day; think about buying dinner or a last-minute gift from these Black-owned businesses and restaurants today. [7x7]

Image: Wikimedia Commons