After a conservative news outlet claimed Friday the married California Assemblyman was involved in an "extramarital affair," Ting formally admitted Saturday on Twitter that those allegations were, in fact, true.

Phil Ting, the Democrat representing the 19th Assembly District which encompasses western San Francisco and northwestern San Mateo County, found himself in hot water this weekend after a woman confirmed in a Communities Digital News (CDN) report she was in a years-long "extramarital affair" with Ting — one that just recently ended.

According to Mercury News, Ting originally denied the allegations brought up by Carmel Foster, the woman in question.

But as pressure — and presumably evidence — mounted, Ting's tone took a swift turn, becoming more apologetic than accusatory. In tweets sent out Saturday, Ting confessed to the allegations.

"I am writing to offer each and every one of you a direct apology that my personal behavior has hurt you," he writes in a late-Saturday-morning string of tweets, though never addressing whether or not if the woman involved was Foster. "Some of you might have seen a report in a right-wing online site alleging that my advocacy for workers was motivated."

Ting later clarified the affair never served as a source of motivation for any bills he's either worked on or voted for in the past.

However, that may not be the case. The CDN in their first report Friday cited that Foster was used as "a prop to bolster support for a number of ballot measures and bills.” One of those included AB5 — the much bemoaned and maligned “gig worker bill” that's crippled in-state freelancing careers and, in an odd turn of events, has perhaps negatively affected the wages of rideshare and food delivery app drivers. Authored by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who hails from the state’s 80th District in Southern California, she apparently met with Foster about the bill, but it's unclear as to how that meeting transpired and what exactly was discussed.

Per KPIX, Ting's posts drew a cornucopia of mixed reactions; some urged him to "step down," while others applauded his frankness and honesty. One San Francisco lawmakers also added his thoughts and opinions into the fray.

“Thank you for this sincere expression about a deeply painful situation," tweeted California State Senator Scott Wiener. "I wish you [and] your family the best in moving through this.”

Rene Hinojosa, a constituent, posted on the social media platform that “I appreciate your honesty." Hinojosa later admitted Ting, like himself, is a “flawed human being” and that he’d “like to remind everyone that no one is perfect and what we have here is simply an example of humanity."

Ting has yet responded to the manor further and appears to be ignoring requests from media outlets to elaborate on Foster's allegations.

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