It's hard being stuck in a San Francisco apartment for this many weeks, leaving only to get groceries or booze as few times as possible. It's made a lot of non-dog-owners a little jealous that those with dogs have a natural excuse to walk around a few times a day.

As we settle into Week Six of our collective isolation, spring in San Francisco is in full swing, and last weekend already saw a few too many people tempted out to Dolores Park for dubiously distanced picnics.

Now this week we're in for the warmest days of the season so far, with highs creeping up toward 80 in some locations around town by Friday and Saturday. Officially, as ABC 7's AccuWeather forecast tells us, the high at the Bay will be 76 on Thursday, and 78 on Friday and Saturday, but as most of us know, that means microclimates around the Mission/Potrero could be even hotter.

As a counterpoint, Weather Underground has the highs in the Lower Haight only hitting about 70 by the weekend, and we're in for a few breezy and cool evenings as the pre-summer pattern sets in. What was that meme again?

We're actually probably in Spring of Deception at this point.

So, don't go crowding onto beaches or taking off your masks to avoid tanlines.

But try to do what you can to enjoy the weather, in your yard or on your deck, or perhaps on a long, socially distanced walk with a friend.

Things are blooming all over Golden Gate Park.

Be safe and wear a goddamn mask!