Like we’ve said before: you can help buoy many of SF’s restaurants and bars amid the COVID-19 crisis by ordering pickup and delivery from them. An ample amount of those same places also have active GoFundMe fundraisers to support staff that you can extend some digital dollars to, as well.

These are dark — uncharted, dystopian, impoverishing — times, without a shadow of a doubt. A report released by the Labor Department on Thursday showed roughly 3.3 million Americans have now filed for unemployment, a historic high.

According to the Chronicle, California is set to possibly lose 30,000 restaurants and bars when the coronavirus pandemic is all said and done. And odds are most of us know or are connected to someone who makes their living in San Francisco’s eating and dining industry.

Well, while we're all twiddling our thumbs indoors, dance your digits over to any one of these 90-plus GoFundMe pages to support the workers who tend to that specific eating and drinking institution.

Command + F (CTRL + F for all you Windows 10 users out there) to find a San Francisco favorite to help out, below.

You can also help insure that these workers have a job to go back to buy purchasing gift cards from the restaurants themselves, and ordering takeout and delivery.

(Sift through our guides on where you can order pickup and delivery food and drinks from certain SF restaurants and bars — here and there, respectively.)

SF Bars and Restaurants With GoFundMe Pages

*This list was procured with the use of the Bar & Restaurant Specific Go Fund Me Pages

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