San Francisco got called out this week by CNN's Jake Tapper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta for allowing everyone to continue on their daily outdoor exercise routines and stroll along the Embarcadero during the city's shelter-in-place order.

It was widely predicted that, in the U.S., such orders would not be as draconian as they were in China and South Korea — and that people would also be more likely to flout them because that's how Americans are. But the more gray areas there are around social-distancing orders, the more temptation there is to interpret them as one sees fit.

SFist contributor Ted Weinstein found some parents being less than cautious on Wednesday, letting kids play together in Noe Valley Town Square.

But, on the flipside, he found Noe Valley residents maintaining safe distances while waiting in line to shop at the Whole Foods in the neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

The Chronicle is noting the trend of people making "sneaky" and not-so-sneaky trips outside, sitting together in parks, and crowding inappropriately into grocery stores. And SFGate posted a photo Wednesday of some friends gathered in Dolores Park, which may happen more this weekend as the sun comes out and warms up the city a bit.

But in the gray of Wednesday, ABC 7 took a snap of a very empty looking fruit shelf/gay beach at Dolo.

Mayor London Breed pushed back at CNN, appearing Wednesday night with Wolf Blitzer and saying that San Franciscans are "making adjustments" to the new isolation, and in fact most streets are very empty, despite CNN's continuing to play footage of a fairly busy looking Embarcadero full of joggers.

"It's not a fair assessment to say that people are just out and about," Breed said. "I truly believe that so many of our residents are complying with this order because they understand its impact on public health." She added, "This is not a time for a play date, or a dinner party at your house."

Photo by Ted Weinstein