• Olivier Adella, a.k.a. Mustafa Traore, the man believed to have disposed of the body of Keith Green in the Hillsborough murder case, is now likely to be deported. Legally a resident of the Ivory Coast, he has been sitting in jail on federal charges of passport fraud since being released from San Mateo County custody in January. [KRON4]
  • Joseph James DeAngelo, the accused Golden State Killer, has offered to plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence. [New York Times]
  • Governor Gavin Newsom officially declared a state of emergency following California's first coronavirus death. [KRON4]
  • Glitches with the primary election in California on Tuesday are prompting calls to overhaul the entire system, statewide, before November. [Associated Press]
  • In an email to staff, Elizabeth Warren's campaign manager said the senator is "disappointed" in Tuesday's results and she is "going to take time right now to think through the right way to continue this fight." [New York Times]
  • In a progress report, the California Department of Justice slammed the slow progress of the SFPD's reforms with regard to biased policing and use of force, as demanded by the federal DOJ back in 2016. [Mission Local]
  • It is confirmed: Steph Curry will be back playing with the Warriors on Thursday. [Chronicle]

Photo: Arnaud Steckle