At the same time that the fourth installment of The Matrix franchise is filming in SF, it appears the sequel to 2018's Venom is shooting in the city as well.

A couple of tweets suggested that the UK phase of Venom 2 shoot just wrapped up on February 8 and the cast and crew were headed to San Francisco — where the first Marvel film starring Tom Hardy took place, and where shooting took place in early 2018 in and around Chinatown and North Beach.

Now, as KRON 4 reports, the Venom 2 crew was out filming on O'Farrell Street on Sunday, blocking off part of the street in the Tenderloin to all but Muni traffic. And onlookers who know about the Matrix 4 shoot were confused and looking for Keanu Reeves — but this is Hardy's thing.

It's not clear how many days Venom will be filming on location, or if Hardy is even around. But be on the lookout!

Meanwhile, the Matrix 4 shoots are ongoing, with more low-flying helicopter action going on around the Financial District Sunday night. And KRON 4 caught this scene below being filmed in daylight hours, with two stuntmen (probably) flying through the air between some downtown buildings, attached to wires.

The Matrix 4 continues shooting in SF through early March.

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