The suspect in a pair of bank robberies in the Marina last fall decided not to wear gloves, and he was easily identified by authorities because he had the words "HATE" and "CRIME" tattooed across the tops of his hands, with some other script letters across his knuckles.

44-year-old Larry Elton Henley was just charged in federal court last week, and we now learn the details of two small-time bank heists that happened at the same Wells Fargo Branch at 2055 Chestnut Street on November 16 and December 10. In both robberies, according to the federal criminal complaint obtained by the Mercury News, Henley is said to have walked into the bank wearing a jacket and mask, and telling customers and staff to get down on the ground, and demanding cash. He only carried a handgun to the second robbery and made off with only $685 — he'd allegedly taken $3,900 the first time — but a teller was able to slip a GPS device into the cash the second time.

It turned out that a police officer in the area didn't even need to the GPS tracker to find Henley, because of those very obvious hand and knuckle tattoos — which are also visible in surveillance footage from the heist, because he didn't think to wear gloves.

Henley is now in jail awaiting trial, and if convicted he faces up 25 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, even though he allegedly only managed to steal $4,585.

Photo via Northern District Court