• A 15-year-old Santa Clara boy was struck and killed Sunday night by a vehicle while crossing a street on foot. He was reportedly crossing against a "Don't Walk" signal. [Chronicle]
  • A child was attacked by an animal believed to be a mountain lion in a Cupertino park on Sunday, but was only minorly injured. The park remains closed. [Mercury News]
  • The Chronicle has an amusing profile of local astrobiologist Andrew Fraknoi, a board member of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in Mountain View, who says he believes alien life forms may already be on earth, and we just don't recognize them. [Chronicle]
  • Three men had to be rescued after their motorboat got trapped in some rocks near Baker Beach on Sunday. [CBS SF]
  • A Japanese couple who both tested positive for the coronavirus after returning home both flew on a Delta Airlines jet from Hawaii, so Delta is now warning passengers. [KRON4]
  • The Oakland City Council plans to honor the Moms 4 Housing group when they recognize Black History Month at their Tuesday meeting this week. [Bay City News]
  • A well known Los Angeles sex therapist was murdered over the weekend, and her former boyfriend has been arrested for the crime. [ABC 7]
  • Apple is warning people that the coronavirus epidemic in China will impact the production of new iPhones. [Associated Press]

Photo: Casey Horner