President Trump is scheduled to appear at an as-yet-undisclosed location in the Bay Area for a campaign fundraising luncheon on September 17, and this will be the first time he's dared set foot anywhere here since he became President.

Can you believe it's been three years? It has. And he's been president for two years and seven months or so. And in a couple of weeks, he'll be here looking to shake down some Republican donors like Dede Wilsey and Peter Thiel and whoever else wants to line up for that soul-eviscerating experience.

As KPIX reports, tickets for the event start at $1,000 and go up to $100,000 per couple, and seats are first-come-first-serve. For $100K, couples will get a photo opportunity with Trump, in addition to lunch and the knowledge that they have contributed to the downfall of democracy, the persecution of immigrants and all minorities, and the death of civil discourse.

Where could the fundraiser be? It is not likely it will be anywhere in San Francisco. Back in August 2016, the last time Trump swung through town, he went directly to fundraisers in Napa and down on the Peninsula. But who knows!?

You may recall the mess of a protest that happened when Trump came to Burlingame in April 2016 for the California Republican Party convention, in which protesters shut down 101 and Trump and his entourage had a hop over a freeway median and use a back entrance to get to his speaking engagement at the Hyatt Regency.

You all clearly understand that our protest game has to be stepped up even higher this time around.

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Photo: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia