Ladies and gentlemen, the Donald has landed. Prominent misogynist and presidential candidate Donald Trump is set to speak today at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, where he will attempt to woo members of the California Republican Party ahead of the party's June 7 primary. Republicans are excited, but so are protesters — ABC 7 reports that in anticipation of crowds, Burlingame police have not only asked for assistance from every law enforcement agency in the county, but have also looked to state and federal agencies.

Officials' attempts to cordon off the Hyatt Regency may not be working, however, as reports are coming in that ahead of Trump's scheduled 12:00 p.m. speech, protesters have broken through.

SFist correspondent Joe Kukura is on the ground in Burlingame and will be bringing us some better details this afternoon.

The California Republican primary is of unusual importance this year, as Trump struggles to reach the 1,237 needed to secure his party's nomination for president.

Update: As word comes in that Donald Trump's speaking slot has been pushed from 12:00 to 12:45 p.m., we now learn that protesters are blocking the freeway in an attempt to prevent him from even reaching the Hyatt Regency.

A livestream of the protest outside the hotel shows a lively crowd.

Second Update: It appears Trump made it around the protesters and into the hotel, but he had to jump a highway median to make it happen.

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