A cat on a leash was found perched on a ledge, hundreds of feet in the air, along the First Street onramp to the Bay Bridge Tuesday afternoon during rush hour.

The neutered male cat with tuxedo coloring was wearing both a harness and a leash, and appeared frozen in place, with the leash trailing up to the railing above, as though he had been dropped onto the ledge and then was terrified to move. The ledge had water below it.

California Highway Patrol and Caltrans came to the rescue of the poor little guy, as ABC 7 reports, and he's now being taken care of by Animal Care & Control, which posted photos of him Tuesday evening on Twitter.

It's unclear who first spotted the cat, and equally unclear how he made it onto the ledge, nearly all the way up on the bridge deck.

Animal Care & Control says the cat is six years old, and they've temporarily named him Tenzing. Anyone who recognizes the cat is being asked to call 415-554-6364.