The aged and defunct red-light camera network in San Francisco is in the process of being replaced, and we have the list of where are all the updated cameras will be.

As we reported last month, the network of cameras at 20 intersections was taken offline by the SFMTA in January in anticipation of replacement. Now, as the Mercury News reports, just 12 intersections are getting replacement digital cameras, starting with Fourth and Harrison. And all of the cameras will begin with a 30-day grace period, with only warnings being issued in lieu of citations when your stop-light-blowing car gets snapped.

Also of note: The intersection of Octavia and Market will be getting a new camera specifically devoted to catching illegal right turns onto Market from the eastbound lanes of the freeway.

The list of intersections getting new cameras is:

  • 19th Ave at Sloat Blvd (northbound, southbound)
  • Fell St at Masonic Ave (westbound)
  • Hayes St at Polk St (southbound, westbound)
  • Oak St at Octavia Blvd (eastbound, northbound)
  • Park Presidio Blvd at Lake St (southbound)
  • Divisadero St at Bush St (northbound)
  • Van Ness Ave at 14th St (northbound)
  • Van Ness Ave at Broadway (southbound left-turn lanes)
  • 4th St at Harrison St (southbound, westbound)
  • 6th St at Bryant St (eastbound, southbound)
  • 6th St at Folsom St (southbound)
  • 8th St at Folsom St (southbound)

Also, they're mapped below.

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