A Vacaville family recently received an anonymous letter telling them to find another place to live, and saying that the condition of their front yard was “dragging down the higher standards of the older neighborhood with established residents.”

As the Chronicle reports, 43-year-old Marc Yu, a San Francisco native, discovered the letter partially sticking out of his mailbox while leaving for work.

The letter, which Yu posted to Facebook, reads:

“This is not the ghetto. We may sound harsh, but your interracial family is not welcome here. We will contact your landlord and tell them to evict you if you don’t vacate in the next 60 days.”

The joke is on the anonymous racist neighbor, though: Yu owns his house.

"It's 2019," Yu writes on Facebook. "I can’t believe this shit still happens."

Since posting the letter, Yu has received plenty of support from friends and neighbors, all of whom have said his family is of course welcome.

Lt. Mark Donaldson with the Vacaville Police Department tells the Chronicle that the letter is "disturbing and disappointing and not representative of the community."

Yu tells ABC10 that he and his wife aren't even the only mixed-race couple in the neighborhood. "My wife is 100 percent Mexican. I'm Chinese and Filipino," Yu tells the station. "The letter basically targeted my wife and I being interracial couple."

Yu admits that his yard hasn't been the cleanest since the family moved in in November, and says that another anonymous note — a less condescending and racist one, he says, though probably from the same individual — came in his mailbox two months ago asking him to clear his lawn or else a complaint would be filed with the city. That complaint was filed, and the family did some cleaning up after a code inspector paid them a visit.

Speaking to ABC10, Yu has a message for this intolerant, cantankerous neighbor: "We want our simple life to be left alone. You aren't going to drive us out of Vacaville. We love Vacaville."