Berkeley's Revolution Books once again found itself targeted by right-wing protesters Sunday evening during their "100th Anniversary of Russian Revolution" talk and slide show event.

According to the Daily Cal's report of the incident, seven protesters who identified themselves as part of the "Make America Great Again" movement showed up to try to gain entry to the talk. They allegedly tried to enter the bookstore, but were blocked by attendees, who, at first, outnumbered the protesters. Guy Taiho Decker, one of the protesters, reportedly asked, "Why are you discriminating against me?" as attendees blocked them from entering.

Revolution Books was the target of recent protests connected to "Free Speech Week" at UC Berkeley in September. One protest attracted many MAGA/alt-right protesters, all of whom tried to enter the store, but were blocked by employees of the bookstore's neighboring businesses and counter-demonstrators from

On Sunday, the protesting group was smaller, but their intentions were still questionable, according to witnesses who spoke with the Daily Cal. Despite that, the protesters maintained that they would have listened "with an open eye and ear" if they were allowed into the bookstore and event. One of the protesters called the Berkeley PD to file a harassment complaint, but when they showed up, they made no arrests, saying that no crime had occurred.

Reiko Redmonde, manager of Revolution Books, told the Daily Cal, "They think (Berkeley) is the center of revolutionary and left thinking. They think that UC Berkeley is a place where people think, read, criticize — and all of these things are the antithesis of what they’re about. So that’s why they’re attacking us."

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