We heard the news earlier this month — San Francisco would be installing security cameras in Dolores Park, the popular Mission District hangout that's seen a recent wave of violence. And it appears that the camera story wasn't a BART-style decoy situation, as crews were recently spotted laying the cable for the surveillance devices.

We first heard about the cameras from open space advocates Dolores Park Works, which earlier this month announced that “Rec and Park[s] is expected to announce soon it will install security cameras in the park. Most likely this month."

By October 11, Rec and Parks spokesperson Connie Chan was telling Mission Local that "The first series of cameras will be installed in the next two weeks." She also said that Rec and Parks would be "working closely" with SFPD regarding camera placement.

And now we know where the cops said to put at least one of the cameras: by the game courts, Dolores Park Works said in an email sent today.

"Workmen were spotted running new cable near 18th Street and Church," they said via email, and were spotted adding the "multi camera unit" above the courts.

It's unclear how many cameras will be installed in the park — a lot, one hopes, as the project will cost $250,000, it's been widely reported. That dough will come from the city's General Fund, which as defined by Supervisor Mark Farrell is "the portion of our budget that is supported by local taxes, the state and federal government, local funds, and reserves, and charges for services."

According to Dolores Park Works' Robert Brust, the cameras are but one piece in the puzzle that is a safer park. Additionally, he says that "Trash and vandalism is down, order is increasing with regular SFPD patrols," and "there is now [a] team of 2 Rec and Park Rangers assigned full-time to Dolores."

Brust asks that park fans now "go back over your lists of concerns and rethink possible solutions for the remaining Dolores Park problems" as "We need to prioritize needs and refocus our work." Those concerns and solutions can be posted here, Brust says.

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