Alt-right hero Kyle Chapman, who is a persona non grata among the East Bay's left-wing activists, showed up in Berkeley on Tuesday for some reason, leading the Berkeley Antifa Twitter account to alert its followers to his presence. According to some Twitterers who recognized him, Chapman was hanging out on Telegraph Avenue with some supporters or friends, getting beers at Pappy's bar, and it seems they may have been heading onto the UC Berkeley campus.

What followed, as Chapman recounted on Facebook Wednesday and as the Daily Cal reports, was Chapman sitting in the backseat of his SUV while five antifa activists, according to him, attacked his car "with clubs, kicks and wrenches." He says that the attack went on for two minutes and "Every time I tried to get out and engage they bear maced me." He says he climbed into the front seat and drove off back to his home in Daly City, adding, "Fortunately the limp wristed [email protected] holding the wrench was too weak to shatter any windows lol."

Berkeley Antifa responded on Twitter with two emoji: a wrench and a black flag.

Spurred to re-engage in a fight, Chapman posted on Wednesday, "Berekley Antifa, I’ll be at Pappy’s tonight having a beer. You want some? Come see me. Better bring your heavy hitters... I’m done playing with you." It's unclear whether Chapman actually returned to the Berkeley bar — though he posted a photo of a Berkeley police officer Wednesday apparently lifting a handprint off his car as evidence. At 10:41 p.m. Wednesday, he posted a message saying that the "antifa cowards" didn't show.

Antifa activists have now begun a telephone campaign encouraging others to call Pappy's and let them know they shouldn't be welcoming "Nazis."

They're also pointing out that where Chapman appears to be parked in one of his photos might be a violation of a bail-related court order that he must stay 300 yards away from Martin Luther King Civic Center Park — though the wording of that order may have only had to do with a specific demonstration there on August 27.

Chapman rose to internet fame in March following a violent rally and counter-protest in Berkeley's MLK Park, where he arrived armed with a stick and American flag-emblazoned shield, with a helmet and gas mask over his head and face, ready to do battle with "antifa."

Poking the hive that is ultra-liberal Berkeley has been a favorite hobby of alt-right and conservative activists over the last year, most particularly Milo Yiannopoulos, with the common refrain being that UC Berkeley, the home of the Free Speech Movement, now tries to stifle conservative views. Most critics of Yiannopoulos agree that he is less a conservative thinker or evangelist than he is a provocateur bent on personal gain and fame.

Chapman has been referred to as "severely mentally ill" by his own lawyer, and in a public speech he has spoken of a "war on the west" and advocated for civil war in the streets in defense of "freedom."

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