A police standoff that closed an Outer Sunset block was precipitated by an ax attack, officials said Tuesday morning.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, the incident occurred on the 1500 block of 48th Avenue, which is between Kirkham and Lawton Streets.

Police say that they were called to the area at 1:57 p.m. Monday, when an argument between two 47-year-old men turned violent. According to the SFPD, as the dispute escalated, the suspect "grabbed an ax and hit [the victim] causing injury."

The ax-wielding man "then retreated into the house and refused to come out," police say.

According to Nextdoor users in the area, police then closed the full block of 48th between Kirkham and Lawton. Meanwhile, "additional units responded," police say.

Eventually the suspect "came out of the house and was taken into custody." The victim, police say, suffered non-life threatening injuries in the assault and is expected to survive.

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