Spills will become a thing of the past.

You know well by now that a glass of spilled milk isn't worth crying over, but spilled wine is a whole 'nother story: Not only is your carpet permanently stained with a blood-red splotch, but — gasp! — you're out of wine. (We're tearing up at the mere thought.)

To prevent vino-related disasters from striking in your own household, you'd be wise to look into the Winc Wine Delivery service and the Aura Glass Non-Spill Drinking Glasses. Just think about it: Your nectar of choice sent straight to your front door, served in a glass you can't knock over (no matter how many sips of Chardonnay have already gone to your head). Cheers to that!

Here are the details:

Winc Wine Delivery: 4 Bottles

Living in the 21st century has its perks, among them never having to leave your house — hell, even your couch — to fetch a bottle of your favorite vintage. Through Winc Wine Delivery, you can have divine wines from all over the world shipped free right to your doorstep for less than $7 a bottle. If you don't have your heart set on a specific bottle, you can even have Winc's experts handpick a blend that matches your individual preferences. What a time to be alive.

Right now, you can get four bottles of Winc wine for just $26 — a savings of 50%.

Aura Glass Non-Spill Drinking Glasses: 2-Pack

Everybody in the club's gettin' tipsy — except for these glasses, that is. While traditional glasses lay flat on countertops, putting them at risk of being knocked over, the Aura Glass pivots on a stainless steel ball that eliminates the possibility of accidental spillage. But the design isn't just drunk person-proof — it's also self-aerating, spinning in a circle with the slightest push to let your wine breathe.

For a limited time, you can get a pair of Aura Glasses on sale for just $48.99 — a savings of 49%.

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