Rapid innovation quickly renders the once relevant obsolete. Don’t get left behind, stay ahead of the trend with the SOURCE orb 4 Premium kit vaporizer from SOURCEvapes.

The forward thinking design makes it a perfect complement everywhere, from your desk at home or at the bar, watching the Dubs. The polished chrome exterior comes in three distinct flavors, perfect for matching with your other mobile accessories. The familiar form factor feels great in the hand, while the uniquely designed mouthpiece allows the user to tailor their airflow. The magnetic connection allows for the most seamless loading experience of any vaporizer pen on the market.

The SOURCE orb 4 offers future-proof performance in a diminutive form factor while still being totally approachable for the non tech-savvy. The powerful battery features variable voltage for temperature control for the ultimate in power control. All controls are operated simply with one button and a twist on the bottom of the battery.

Still smoking? Then you’re way behind gramps! Make your consumption current with the latest iteration of wax pens. Unlike vape pens you may have tried in the past, the SOURCE orb 4 is not designed to be disposed and forgotten. Equipped with six different atomizers, the SOURCE orb 4 Premium kit is engineered to take on any concentrate you can throw at it, ensuring longevity and function.

Ditch the Stone Age smokers and take your tech to the NOW with the SOURCE orb 4 Premium!

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