Turn the volume up and tune the world out.

Nothing's better than your favorite playlist streamed with perfect clarity through an amazing set of earbuds. March to the beat of your own drum (and favorite song) with any of these three earbuds sets, and enjoy the world through your ideal soundtrack. Check them out below:

1. TREBLAB X11 Earphones

Love multi-tasking? Whether you're working out, running an errand, or in the office (or maybe all three), these TREBLAB's X11 earbuds redefine truly wireless listening. Featuring passive noise cancellation, rock-solid bass, super-crisp treble, these sweat-proof buds are perfect for whatever it is you're doing. 

Buy here: These perfect every day buds are $32.99, 83% off the usual price of $199.99.

2. 1Voice Bluetooth 100% Wirefree Earbuds

These 1Voice Bluetooth 100% Wirefree Earbuds boast cutting-edge Bluetooth 4.2 technology and a minimalist design that keeps them comfortable in your ears all day. You can get four hours of playtime without recharging, and can even work independently or paired. 

Buy here: Enjoy unfettered listening for $52.99, 55% off the usual price of $119. 

3. FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds

Totally water-resistant, these FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds will pump you up for even the sweatiest workouts. Plus, they automatically pair to your phone when pulled apart so you don't have to go through any setup, and they charge up in 90 minutes so you can get moving fast. 

Buy here: These lightweight buds are $29.95, 75% off the usual price of $119.95.

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