An elderly man who's been living in an Oakland senior citizens' housing complex in Oakland was arrested last month on suspicion of dealing cocaine, black tar heroin, and marijuana out of his apartment. 68-year-old Landry Daniels, a 14-time felon, was arrested on June 21 as the East Bay Times reports, and charged two days later with multiple counts of transporting controlled substances and possession with the intent to sell.

Currently free on $60,000 bail, Daniels pleaded not guilty in court on Wednesday, and will reappear in court on August 30.

During Daniels arrest, police say they seized $20,000 worth of drugs from his car and his apartment, and a neighbor who lives in the complex tells ABC 7 that she saw the suspicious activity going on for two years, and that the customers were mostly young women in their teens and 20s.

Daniels lives at the Glen Brook Terrace Satellite Senior Homes at 4030 Panama Court, a 66-unit building near Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. He was arrested in Emeryville on June 21 along with a couple of buyers whom undercover officers observed conducting drug deals with Daniels at his building. Officer found 14.1 grams of what they believed was cocaine in Daniels's vehicle, as well as 5.6 grams of suspect black tar heroin, according to the East Bay Times. Another 40 grams of suspect cocaine and 25.5 grams of suspect heroin was discovered in Daniels's apartment after serving a search warrant.

Daniels served prison sentences for nine of his prior convictions, which included drug crimes and petty theft.

An anonymous fellow resident of the senior complex who did not want to appear on camera tells ABC 7 that she's "appalled" that this was allowed to go on as long as it did, despite her calls to the building's management company. Also, she says, Daniels had a habit of taking up the only disabled parking spot in front of the building, and it turned out that he was using a bogus disabled placard on his car too.