Everything you need to know to land your dream tech job.

The field making the most dynamic, sweeping changes of the moment? It's easily the world of tech, where developers and innovators can earn upwards of six figures annually. Daunted by the idea of joining the seemingly elite ranks of developers? Don't be - thanks to easily accessible online coding courses, it's easier than ever to start learning. We've gathered five of our favorite essentials, so you can start adding skills to your resume and land the job of your dreams. 

1. The Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle


The Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle is an immersive, comprehensive course load that includes over 80 hours of premium instruction on the top coding languages today. That includes deep dives into Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and more, all helping to push you to the top of that pile of resumes. 

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2. The Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle

Prefer to dig your nose into the pages of a -- um, screen? Then The Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle is right up your alley. For those that like to learn by studying at their own pace, this bundle features nine different eBooks on everything from Swift 3 and Scala, to Java and React. 

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3. Coding 101 Bundle

Go back to school, without the school loans or early morning classes: this Coding 101 Bundle includes eight different courses and 31 hours of instruction on jQuery, web development and more. It's like going to a comp sci class -- without needing to deal with the boring professor. 

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4. The Complete Programming Language Bootcamp

Sometimes the best way to learn stuff is to drill down into it, and The Complete Programming Language Bootcamp includes a whopping 96+ hours of learning eight languages by example. Whether you're attacking C++, writing programs in Ruby, or managing data in Scala, you're sure to get something out of this bundle. 

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5. The Crash Course Coding Bundle

In a rush to learn? Then grab The Crash Course Coding Bundle, and get up to speed on all the coding essentials you need to know. You'll break down operating system fundamentals, Perl programming, and more. 

Buy here: Learn fast with for $39 -- or 98% off the usual price of $2,950. 

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