Things are not off to the best start at the new Grocery Outlet Bargain Market location at South Van Ness Street and 23rd Street, the former DeLano’s Market that sat empty for six years while struggling to find a new tenant. That new tenant opened shop in early March, but the store now finds itself in racially charged hot water for a Mother's Day incident where a customer of color was hassled by the store’s security guard for loitering — despite a cart of obviously just-purchased groceries sitting right in front of him — and subjected to a litany of “you people” insults, garden variety rent-a-cop racism, and an alleged Taser threat.

While all we have to go on here is the video embedded below, it’s pretty difficult to call this anything other than a straight-up bigoted racial profiling incident. The customer in question, local artist and muralist Amos Gregory, lights a cigarette after having just bought multiple bags of groceries from the store. The security guard in question approaches him and asks if he’s waiting for an Uber. “Guard then says I am loitering and proceeds to say that ‘Your people are not wanted here at this store’, says that my objections toward him are nothing more than a ‘Black Lives Matter’ and people like me creating problems,” Gregory writes in his YouTube description of the video. “He then threatens to call the police, which he did not, and threatens to taser me.”

Some (but not all) of the most inflammatory statements alleged are documented in the above YouTube video, but there’s enough bad stuff in five-minute segment that a reasonable person would totally conclude that Gregory is being hassled because he’s African-American. The guard needles Gregory with statements like “This is a ‘Black Lives Matter’ episode,” “That’s all you guys ever do is protest,” and “I hope you have a good lawyer, because you’re going to need one.”

“He’s a paying customer, but it doesn’t give him the right to loiter,” the security guard says to a dispatcher a radio call.

Gregory, who is a African-American and a U.S. Navy veteran, tells the Examiner, “You just get depressed. I was buying food for Mother’s Day. It’s just an instant buzz kill.” His Facebook post about the incident indicates this is not the only time anyone has been profiled in the brief tenure of the South Van Ness Grocery Outlet Bargain Market.

The store has gone into damage control with the media, with branch manager Eric Liittschwager telling Mission Local that he was “just as disturbed as anybody about that and so was [the guard’s] boss. He’s certainly not coming back to our [store] and I believe he’s been terminated.”

It may not be the first time this particular guard has racially profiled a customer. At the 3:37 mark of the video, another customer walks by Gregory and mutters to him, “Someone’s gonna kill that dude, bro.”

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