Once again, Vallejo...

Following on a story from a couple weeks back involving a pile of a dozen dead and decomposing dog carcasses, all presumed to have been well-cared-for pets, found stuffed in garbage bags along a hiking trail in Vallejo, we have another story of a gruesome discovery in the same area. As ABC 7 reports, a woman recently found a dead and mutilated goat, it head and feet all removed, and its organs missing.

WHAT is going on here?

The goat carcass was found in the same vicinity of the mass dog grave, which was on the Blue Rock Springs Trail near Columbus Parkway. The dogs were discovered, along with blades and weapons that appeared to have been used to kill them, by a woman walking her own dog on February 17. She went to the media two months later, along with the Center for Animal Rescue in Solano County, after Vallejo police seemed to be dragging their feet or refusing to do anything with the case.

With the goat case, according to ABC 7, "Responding officers say they found no evidence of animal cruelty."

I mean...

Is there some kind of crazy ritualistic sacrifice happening that police should perhaps be concerned about? At the very least should they be worried that a young serial killer is testing out some techniques?

The woman who found the dozen dead dogs earlier this year called it "absolutely a murder scene," and said at the time to ABC 7, "Something is wrong — there's lots of missing dogs in the neighborhoods. People blame coyotes, well I think something else is going on."

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