The cast and crew have finally arrived to do location shooting at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose for the upcoming thriller Winchester, starring Helen Mirren. Mirren tells CBS 5 that filming in the actual house was “Far out as we used to say in the olden days. It was fantastic.”

The crew had been shooting in Australia up until now, using a replica of the house because, reportedly, the rooms in the actual house were mostly too small for filming. This week they've been shooting in one room in particular out of the house's 160. Previously, in mid-March, some of the crew was on site at the Mystery House possibly shooting exteriors and other shots not involving the principal stars.

Says Mirren, "This house is a manifestation of Sarah Winchester, and I think in that sense it’s haunted."

Co-director Michael Spierig, who wrote and directed the film with his brother Peter Spierig, told People Magazine last month that based on what they'd shot so far, "I think everyone will be pretty scared." The Brothers Spierig also made 2009's Daybreakers, and the upcoming Saw: Legacy.

Above, Mirren and costar Jason Clarke talk about the shoot to local station ABC 7.

You can also see an interview with both of them on NBC Bay Area, in which Mirren is asked what it's like being on location in Silicon Valley. Mirren responds, "We're not in Silicon Valley. We're in America of the 1890's," referring to the era in which Winchester was building her strange and spooky mansion. "I wonder," Mirren continues, talking about the ingenuity of what went into the house, "If Sarah were born today, what she might have become in Silicon Valley."

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