Today in "art that makes you think and stuff" we present a guerrilla sign/art installation, or a series of them, in the area of Hayes Valley Art Works. These signs are likely to make observant passersby do a double take: They're subtle and look legit, like a bicycle or pedestrian crossing sign, but instead they depict homeless people lying on the ground or crossing the street. That, for example, had the folks at Hoodline scratching their heads, but seeing as these are on the fence near the outdoor creative space that was formerly the Hayes Valley Farm and now serves as a temporary, sandbox-like art and exploration space before it becomes developed, I think we can assume this is an act of social commentary and free expression and judge it accordingly on its artistic merits.

Hayes Valley Art Works, which we discussed last Summer, hosts a number of wackadoo things, and in fact, this might be one of the more normal installations its had of late. To wit, the ball rolling exercise below:


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