San Francisco's Hottest New Club of 2000 that somehow still felt trapped in the '90s, Ruby Skye, the now 17-year-old dance hall, is set to close later this year according to Hoodline. The occasion forces San Franciscans to confront the good, bad, and mostly ugly evenings spent at the 420 Mason Street nightclub and its downstairs neighbor bar, Slide.

The Ruby Skye building, a fin de siècle Victorian playhouse rebuilt in 1911, has always provided a cool, glamorous contrast to kids doing molly and sweating through their clothes. Technically called the Native Sons of the Golden West Building, as this art and architecture website explains, it's already got anew occupant all lined up: Nate Valentine, of Polk Gulch's Harper & Rye, Tipsy Pig in the Marina, and the restaurants Mamacita and Padrecito. So, if necessary, dry your eyes: You can still do cocaine in the bathroom at 420 Mason, although of course you can't do that now and can't in the future or whatever.

"We heard rumblings that the Ruby Skye/Slide space was available, and at first it sounded daunting," Valentine told Hoodline. "But it's really an incredible opportunity to be in a great part of San Francisco."

Combining Ruby Skye and Slide's spaces, the team plans to call the space August Hall after one of the Native Sons of the Golden West Building's architects, August Headman. Valentine is in talks to work with Tahoe booking partner Snowball Ventures of the SnowGlobe festival there. Correction: Valentine tells SFist that Snowball Ventures are his partners in the effort, not simply in negotiations with him.

Downstairs in the Slide space the plan is for a three-lane bowling alley to be called the Fifth Arrow with food from Todd Shoberg, the former chef/owner of Mill Valley's Molina. Finally, an upstairs cocktail bar, the Green Room, will offer craft cocktails and a break from the action on the dance floor, where Valentine envisions "50 percent EDM/DJ nights, 45 percent rock bands and other live music, and a handful of comedy shows."

Curbed also gives us a bit of history of the building today, which was also once home to the Stage Door movie theater after WWII.

Stay tuned for updates.

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