Capitalizing on an association between their popular cookies and ravenous stoners fostered in 2014 when a 13-year-old Girl Scout started selling Thin Mints and Tagalongs in front of Mission District medical marijuana dispensary The Green Cross, an entire SF Girl Scout troop upped the ante this year by challenging Market Street pot shop the Apothecarium to a fundraising challenge. Regardless of who raised the most dough, the real winner was Kindergarten to College "K2C" as the beneficiary of the fundraiser, a San Francisco municipal program to create a college savings account of $50 for every child entering kindergarten in San Francisco. But in the end, the bragging rights — and the wagered gift of fresh-baked cookies from the loser — went to the Girl Scouts.

Troop mother Carol Lei tells CBS 5, who had the heartwarming story, that the challenge provided a valuable teaching moment for her girls. "It was a great experience for me to bring my girls in front of a dispensary and have that conversation about drugs and people may be different and have certain needs,” said Lei.

Eliot Dobris, an Apothecarium representative, remarked on the value the experience held for the dispensary, too. "It’s a strong demonstration that dispensaries are safe places,” Dobris said.

That's a point the Apothecarium is emphasizing with particular urgency as it campaigns to open a new shop in the Outer Sunset against neighbor objections — with former Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and her pot-advocate hubby, Dr. Floyd Huen attached as co-owners.

For the record, the donation page for the Apothecarium team is here, and it looks like these folks couldn't put down the bong and get up off the futon to fundraise. The troopers pulled ahead on their donation page by $200, and the Apothecarium team has some cookies to bake. "Obviously, they will be kid-friendly cookies," Says Dobris.

For the adult-friendly, in fact smokable version, card-carrying pot doers need look no further than the real lynchpin in the relationship between Girl Scout Cookies and reefer madness: The Cannabis Cup award-winning hybrid strain of an OG Kush and Durban Poison called — yep — Girl Scout Cookies.

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