Virgin America, which remains a much swankier subsidiary of Alaska Airlines since the company was sold last year, will be adding 13 new daily non-stop routes out of San Francisco and San Jose this year to some of the nation's biggest markets, as the SF Business Times reports. New non-stop routes from SFO, which will be flown on Virgin planes, are going to include Nashville, New Orleans, Raleigh-Durham, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and Kona, Hawaii.

Also, Alaska will be adding four daily non-stops from San Jose to Los Angeles starting in September, operated by partner SkyWest, as well as San Jose flights to Tucson and Austin. And, partner Horizon Air will be starting SFO non-stops to Albuquerque and Kansas City.

A daily non-stop from SFO to Mexico City is also in the works, but Alaska has not confirmed whether they'll be using Virgin or Alaska planes for that route, and that is still pending government approval.

All of this seems to be part of new plans ginned up by Alaska's new vice president of capacity planning John Kirby, who joined the company last year from Southwest Airlines. He tells the Business Times "We want to serve the biggest markets from the Bay Area [with this expansion]."

Following these additions, Alaska and Virgin will together offer 125 daily non-stops to 42 destinations from the Bay Area, including SFO, Oakland, and San Jose.

But what remains to be announced is how Alaska plans to continue its use of the Virgin brand name and its far more desirable, newer fleet of planes, with their purple lighting, fun safety video, on-demand entertainment, and touch-screen food and drink ordering.

As of December, they were still just launching an ad campaign under the tagline "Different Works" to convince people that these two disparate brands could complement each other.

And this news of route expansion comes just a week after we learned that United was also beefing up service out of SFO, including their own non-stop to New Orleans, and three daily flights to Santa Rosa.

Alaska Airlines Still Being Cagey About Plans For Virgin Brand