The State of California is one of emergency, Governor Jerry Brown declared yesterday: To bolster recovery efforts following January and February storms that brought damage in the form of power outages, floods, and mudslides, Brown has requested a "Presidential Major Disaster Declaration."

The President, naturally, has declared California a disaster many times over. And last month alone he granted two separate Presidential Major Disaster Declaration requests related to the Oroville Dam debacle and earlier January storm havoc.

The text of yesterday's request is here, and it draws on the National Weather Service reports of an atmospheric river system during the period of January 18 to 23rd. An estimated 55,000 households and businesses were left without power during the period. According to the document requesting public assistance, damages are likely to exceed $112.9 million. Brown's declaration applies to 53 of 58 California counties including all those in the Bay Area.

The disaster proclamations direct Caltrans to request assistance from the Federal Highway Administration's Emergency relief fund, and the Office of Emergency Services to provide more in the way of help.

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